happy jack

jack is a photog with photovoice. it's a local organization that hands out cameras to people so they can document what is important to them. a simple concept. the people who take the photos are anything but. some have mental illnesses, some are homeless, some are struggling to survive. this program gives them a voice, through the lens.

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Ann said...

Your photos are amazing and makes me look at this incredible city in a whole new different way. I grew up in the North End near the old "Barton Barn" hockey arena. I've always been proud of where I grew up and even though I'm living on the Mountain now I will always be a North Ender. I miss your Hamilton segments on CH.

Love The Who connection to the title of your blog. Stay well and thanks for sharing your photos.

P.S. Just a suggestion but how about some photos of schools that have now closed? My old high school - Scott Park is one of them and is sadly missed.