Exhibit and sale of Steelcitysnapshots kicks off today and thru to the end of June at our own Staircase Theatre. Check out the link below for details.

Randy Steele was robbed by fate. Cancer stole him from his family, his friends and his city. While he was alive he spent every moment living. Randy endlessly improved himself and the world surrounding him. When Randy was well he was a famous news reporter revered by all for his down to earth style and investigative reporting. The cancer attacked his lovely voice, his charming looks but not the essence that was Randy. When Randy became too ill to work as a reporter, he turned to his camera and became a recorder. He continued to do what he had always done, capturing Hamilton in a down to earth and investigative way. Every one of his 12000 images gives us a fresh look on our city and world. When Randy walked our world he showed it to us through live hits on the TV. So it is not surprising that after his death his timeless pictures are still giving us fresh insight into our city and ourselves.

Hugh MacLeod, owner Staircase Theatre and Cafe


Peeling Away Time

I've been trying to look thru the 600 photos that Randy posted so I did not duplicate any but since time seems to be what I have the least of, I'm just going to go ahead with images that I love. If he had already chosen them, then they meant something to each of us and that's pretty cool. Very soon Kincardine Tourism will have a Facebook page of Randy's shots around the cottage, a very much loved place in Lurgan Beach and will also be using them throughout their publications and sites. I'm thinking of posting some of Keltie's shots, she has a good eye. Framed prints can be purchased at The Focus Gallery, The Regent Health Centre and The Staircase Theatre, all linked here. Unframed prints can be purchased at the Staircase Theatre. Both can be purchased through me by email. Cheers, its April 1st, warm weather cannot possibly be that far off!!


oh yeah, I almost forgot--it's still winter...