frankie venom

"Hey Frank" I said, "get up there", motioning to the stage. "Nah" he answered with a wave of the hand and a shake of the head. Minutes later he was right up there with a slew of hamilton's best rockers, kicking out the jams to Teenage Head's signature tune: Let's Shake. Then, he was gone. One song--that was it. Today, Frankie Kerr passed away. My fondest memory of him is as a kid. I'd be walking home because the streetlights were on and I would bump into Frank. He'd be on his way to see his girlfriend--and future wife, Cheryl. "Hi Frank" I'd say. "Hi Randy". Then we would start pelting each other with snowballs from across mericourt road, although there would be more misses than hits. Then--because I was now good and late, I'd tell Frank I'd see him later. " See ya', he'd say, and off we'd go.


Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace Frank

Anonymous said...

Randy, I just found your site and was admiring your beautiful work. The pictures of Frank Kerr brought back some memories for me too! Hope you are well.