it sat dormant for decades, but now a couple of toronto developers have seen the light: they're preparing to resurrect hamilton's historic foster building. this will be the city's first live/work space. you have your office in one part and live in the other. there are seven units just like this--each one about 2000 square feet. the downtown units will reportedly sell for somewhere in the area of 350-thousand.


Adam said...

Hi Randy, where exactly is the foster building?

Maggie Steele, owner Randy Steele Photography said...

Hey Adam, it's on south leg of King @ Gore Park. There's some scaffolding out front right now.

Roygbiv said...

Thanks for the information and picture, Randy. I've been inside of both buildings both before the renovations and after and they are beautiful. The developer seems to be keeping a close eye on heritage elements, though I'm disappointed they couldn't keep the beautiful elevator/staircase in the middle of Mackay. It was in horrible condition, but it would be awesome to have re-built.

I can't wait for this project to be complete.