security post

this is hilarious. somebody painted the pipes behind the lister block, put a chair up on this old platform...and if you look closely, you can make out a few letters inside the yellow circle. somebody wrote the word "security". btw, if you visiting for the first time, I appreciate you dropping by! there are hundreds of photos posted here; you can access them by clicking on the blog archive button...enjoy...


PJM said...

Hi Randy!

Glad to see you're back! I'm looking forward to browsing through your pics!


Maggie Steele, owner Randy Steele Photography said...

Thanks-a-lot, Pat, I really appreciate it!

Unknown said...

Hi Randy, I learned about your blog after seeing the story about you on CH a few days ago, and I just wanted to post to tell you that you've got some awesome pictures! Keep it going, I really enjoy seeing all of these nice pictures, and it was great to hear that you're doing well now!

- Nathaniel

Maggie Steele, owner Randy Steele Photography said...

Thanks Nathaniel! Keep checking back; I try to post daily.